The Intimate Portrait Experience: Beyond the Boudoir Pose List

Hey fabulous! So, you've taken the plunge and booked your intimate portrait session – kudos to you! Now, I bet you're curious about poses, right? Well, here's a little secret – we don't really do poses in the traditional sense here. I work with a unique style and methodology that focuses on capturing your essence, your vibe, your personal style. We're all about creating a flow and energy that feels authentic to you. And sometimes, that means we might pivot 180 degrees during the shoot and go in a completely new direction.
So, don't stress about practicing poses or memorizing a list – I've got you covered. After all, you're not boring, and your session shouldn't be either! Instead, I encourage you to embrace your natural movements and let your personality shine through.

Now, here's where it gets exciting. You'd be surprised to know that these sessions can feel like a yoga-like workout! Yep, you heard that right. We'll be bending, stretching, and draping over furniture to capture those stunning shots. So, if you have some time before your shoot, consider incorporating a few days of simple yoga into your routine. It'll help you feel more comfortable and confident as we explore different poses and movements.

And here's a fun tip – why not get into the groove by checking out some sensual dance routines? Think burlesque, chair, or pole dancing. You don't need to memorize any specific moves, but exploring these routines can help you loosen up and move gracefully during your session. Plus, it adds a touch of excitement as you build anticipation for your Intimate Portrait Experience.

So, let go of the idea of a traditional boudoir pose list and get ready to embrace your unique beauty and energy during your session. Trust me, it's going to be an unforgettable experience that captures the true essence of you. Let's make magic together!