"3 Things Not to Bring to Your Intimate Portrait Session"

Hey there, beautiful! So you've booked your intimate portrait session, and now you're gearing up for a day all about celebrating you. But before you pack your bag, here are three things you definitely want to leave at home:
#1: The Stress of the Outside World
This session is all about you, darling. It's your chance to revel in your awesomeness and embark on a journey of self-love and discovery. So, leave the stress of the outside world behind and step into our studio oasis where you can relax, unwind, and embrace your inner goddess.

#2: Booze
Sure, a little liquid courage might seem tempting, but trust me, it's not necessary. Alcohol can make your skin appear blotchy and affect your overall vibe during the session. Plus, we want you to make authentic choices and feel empowered without any outside influences. Once you're here, the welcoming atmosphere and positive energy will naturally calm your nerves.

#3: Other People
While it might seem like a good idea to bring your bestie along for moral support, it's best to keep this experience sacred and intimate. You want to feel free to share and express yourself without any inhibitions. The more you open up, the more I can capture images that truly speak to you and your unique beauty.

#3.5: Your Spouse or Partner
Unless you're specifically booking a couples session, it's best to leave your significant other at home. Some poses might feel a bit awkward, and having an audience could make you feel self-conscious. Plus, part of the magic of this experience is feeling completely free and relaxed, and having another person around can disrupt that vibe.

So, there you have it! Leave the stress, booze, and extra company behind, and come ready to embrace your inner goddess during your intimate portrait session. Can't wait to see you shine!